Widow(er)’s Pension

The widow(er)’s pension is a lifelong benefit for spouses of APS participants or pensioners after their passing.

The only condition set is that you marry your spouse before the age of 65. The pension is 70% of the senior’s pension accrued at APS.

Divorced between 1990 and 2020?

Did you divorce after August 1, 1990 but before June 30 2020? Then your ex-partner is entitled to a partner’s pension after you pass on, which is 70% of the senior’s pension accrued until the moment of divorce. The widow(er)’s pension for your widow/widower will be reduced with the special partner’s pension for your ex-partner. For more information, see divorce.

Payment of widow(er)’s pension

Your widow(er)’s pension will be paid to your partner each month. This payment can only be made to a local bank account or a Dutch account registered in his/her name. If your partner lives in the Netherlands, he/she needs to have an account with ING Bank for this purpose.

Live abroad? Attestatie de Vita

If you live abroad, you must submit an ‘Attestatie de Vita’ (life certificate) to APS twice a year, in the months of June and December, to continue to receive your pension. You can apply for this document with the Census Office. You do not have to submit a life certificate if you live in Sint Maarten.

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