Core Values

To make it clear what we stand for as APS, we have formulated a number of core values and core qualities. We act on a daily basis from these beliefs.

These beliefs are coined in the following values:

  • Ethical
  • Competent
  • Transparent
  • Approachable


To have the unconditional trust of all participants and pensioners is invaluable for our pension fund. With this conviction, we carry out daily tasks as follows:

• We avoid conflict of interests, have an ethical work conduct and are able to work independently.

• We safeguard personal information and privacy.

• We keep our promises, comply with agreements and obligations.


Our vast pension knowledge and financial expertise are the foundation of our belief and work system which encourages self-criticism and a continuous expansion of our expertise. This is expressed in the following, among others things:

• We have a deep understanding of our customers’needs and adjust our services according to those needs.

• We strive to gain optimal return on investments and to maintain the lowest risk ratio.

• We cultivate in-house expertise and work side by side with external experts to adhere to the quality standards set by participants, pensioners and regulators.


Conversations we have had with employers, participants, pensioners and partners led us to conclude that more communication is required to share updates regarding our financial situation performance and decision-making. This is expressed in the following, among others things:

• We communicate proactively on the policy of APS through the available information channels.

• We provide insights into relevant information to participants and pensioners.

• We embrace corporate social responsibility and operate in accordance with the regulatory guidelines.


We believe in being approachable and communicating openly. A professional and pleasant environment is prevalent in APS which results in employers, participants, pensioners and partners to swiftly feel at ease while communicating. We believe that answering your questions is our main priority, therefore we remain easily accessible.

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