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Pension is your future income when you stop working. The pension system in Sint Maarten consists of three parts.

How does the Pension
Fund Work?

How does APS calculate your senior’s pension?


AOV as basis

The AOV is the basis of your pension. Every resident of Sint Maarten receives this pension from the government. It is paid by Social & Health Insurances SVZ. It is a social insurance based on solidarity. It does not matter if you have worked or not. The criterion is that you have lived on Sint Maarten for 45 years. The AOV is financed from the tax income and people who are working contribute to it.

The government of Sint Maarten has decided in 2020 to increase the AOV age from 62 to 65. There is a transitional arrangement for citizens who are 60 or 61 years old. The level of the AOV is ANG 1,116 per month for a pensioner in 2020. If the pensioner has a husband/wife who is younger than 62, that partner receives ANG 756 per month.

Your pension with APS and possible previous employers

The AOV is the basis of your pension provision. The pension that you have accrued with APS and possible previous employers is your supplementary pension. You and your employer pay contributions for this pension to APS.

The pension plan of APS consists of the following types of pension (click the links below for more information):

• Senior’s pension
• Widow(er)’s pension
• Orphan’s pension
• Disability pension
• Burial allowance (smartengeld)
• Temporary pension if a person goes missing

If you are employed by the government or an institution affiliated with the government, you will receive an annual statement from APS of the pension that you have accrued until that moment.

Individual, private provision

Your personal circumstances and wishes would determine how much pension you will need later on. Do you think that you will have too little future pension income to live pleasantly? In that case, you can save something extra on a voluntary basis. You can do this via, for instance, a savings account with a bank or another financial institution. You can also invest via investment funds. The sooner you start with extra savings, the more extra income you can build up for later. An independent financial advisor can help you to make the right choices.

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