Temporary Allowance

If the board is of the opinion that a participant of APS has gone missing, the persons who would derive pension rights from his death, are entitled to a temporary pension. This relates to active, retired and former participants of APS.

For the marriage partner, this temporary pension equals the widow(er)’s pension. For children of the participant until the age of 18 or 27 if they are still studying or if they are incapacitated for work, the temporary pension equals the orphan’s pension.

The right to a temporary pension arises on a date to be determined by the board. If it turns out that the missing participant has passed away, the temporary pension is transferred into a regular widow(er)’s pension and/or orphan’s pension.
If the person gone missing turns out to be alive, the temporary pension is stopped on a date to be determined by the board. The pension paid can then be reclaimed.

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