Register new employees

When you as employer register an employee as a participant of APS, it is important that you make sure that this employee qualifies as a participant on the basis of the articles 4 and 5 of the Pensioenlandsverordening Overheidsdienaren (national ordinance pension of civil servants AB2020, no. 34). Furthermore, it is important that the employee has undergone a medical examination prior to the start of his or her employment. The employee has to be minimally 18 years old in order to be registered as a participant.

Are you employing someone who is 65 or older? In that case, this employee can no longer be registered as a participant of APS as the pension accrual ends at the age of 65.

In order to be able to register your employee, you have to send in a completed and signed application form.

With the form you have to include the following information about the employee as annexes:

• Copy of a valid passport or other identification document
• Copy of the decision or the labor contract on which the registration is based
• Copy of the results of the medical examination
• Extensive extract from the Population Register.

As soon as we have processed the new registration, we send an ‘Intreebericht’ (entry statement) to the employer. We ask you to send a copy of this enry statement to your employee.

Sign out employees

If an employee stops working for you, you need to report this to APS as soon as possible. You can do this via the amendment and correction form. Thereafter, you will receive an ‘uittreebericht’ (exit statement) from us. The ex-employee will receive a copy of this exit statement via you.

From six to four months prior to retirement, the employee must receive his/her dismissal decree from the employer in order to start the process for arranging pension and health insurance.

If an employee becomes incapacitated for work for a long period of time, there is a procedure for applying for a disability pension including a medical examination. You can find more information under Disability pension and Disability.

Report other changes

If there are changes in the labor conditions of an employee, you need to inform APS as soon as possible. You can do this via the amendment and correction form.

Examples are changes in the salary or a switch from a full-time to a part-time employment.

Pension communications

It is important that your employees are well aware that a senior’s pension, a widow(er)’s pension and an orphan’s pension have been arranged at APS for them and the surviving family members. Stimulating pension consciousness of the participants is a joint task for you as employer and APS.

Pension is an important part of your total employee benefits package. It is a part in which you invest much time and money and which enables you to distinguish yourself as a good employer. Your employees need to know what the pension plan offers them, what pension benefit they may expect later on, which choices they have in the pension plan and at which moments they need to take action for their pension.

We offer you several brochures to support you, but we will also be pleased to come to your work floor to make a presentation about pension to your employees. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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