Sint Maarten has experienced economic challenges in recent years due to, among other things, the damage caused by violent hurricanes. APS is, therefore, confronted with increasing demands for sustainable investments. That gives direction to our actions.

This requires changes in the pension system and an adaption of future visions for an optimal financial and social return on investment: like more employers’, participants’ and pensioners’ involvement. Our goal is not only to meet regulatory requirements, but we also aim to make a visible contribution to our participants and the community. We will undergo a transition period during which we must transform into a sustainable pension fund and organization. We need everyone to do this: the participants, the (social) partners, the government and the regulators.

Our Mission

Our mission is therefore: “We are a trustworthy and leading pension fund. We commit ourselves to a future-oriented pension scheme that is upheld by all participants. We add value by investing in the sustainable development of Sint Maarten.

At APS we perform our duties with diligence and respect towards people, society and environment. We invest in and on behalf of the pensioners and participants, but we must go a step further.

Our Vision

Our ambitions are summarized in a vision statement in order to create an unshakable foundation for all our stakeholders and participants:

“APS aims to grow sustainably with a dedicated focus on people, society and the environment. We are in continuous innovation and evolution with the purpose of meeting the needs and demands of all participants and pensioners in an ever-changing world. We deliver quality and customized service; we report proactively; we maintain a transparent and inclusive relationship with employers, participants, pensioners as well as partners.”

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