Local Investments

Next to Oryx residences, APS’ local real estate projects include Mary’s Fancy, the Professional Office Park, and the APS Parking Lot at the Government Building.

Sint Maarten Investment Company B.V. (SMIC) has been appointed in 2023 as a dedicated fiduciary to manage APS’ local investments. The role of SMIC is to search, select, execute, manage, and monitor APS’ local investments. The Management Board of SMIC consists of Managing Directors Walter Blijleven and Bharat Bhojwani of the Curacao Financial Group (cfg), and Executive Director Louisian Wathey of TRIAD Loan Brokerage, Consultancy & Investments. SMIC is supervised by APS board.

SMIC Management, left to right: Mr Bharat Bhojwani, Managing Director, Mr Walter Blijleven, Managing Director, Ms Louisian Wathey, Executive Director
From Left to Right: Bharat Bhojwani, Walter Blijleven and Lousian Wathey

Mary's Fancy

In September 2014, the APS purchased the Mary’s Fancy and De Castro properties located on the L.B. Scott Road. Since the purchase, the Fund commenced the activities for the restoration of the monuments on the property and demolition of the cottages in order to construct a boutique hotel for commercial use of the property.

However, the economic circumstances brought on by the devastating hurricanes Irma & Maria and the CODID-19 pandemic were not beneficial to the overall economy of Sint Maarten and starting a new development. Therefore, the APS Board decided to put the project on hold until circumstances improve.

Professional Office Park

The Professional Office Park is a commercial real estate property consisting of two office buildings and a parcel of undeveloped land. APS generates office rent revenue from the office buildings. 

APS Parking Lot

The parking lot next to the Government Building was purchased by APS in 2016. Next to offering parking space, the lot can be rented out for events. Interested in renting the parking lot for your event? Please send an email to info@apsxm.org.

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